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Nutritional Counseling

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Park Hills Animal Hospital and Wellness Center, located in Deer Park NY, offers prescription diets and nutritional counseling for your pets. Why is this important? Pets are living longer, healthier lives than ever before largely due to our expanded knowledge regarding the importance of proper nutrition to overall health. Nutrition is the biggest health variable controlled by a pet's caregiver.

During your pet's comprehensive physical examination, we can evaluate his or her body condition and give recommendations based on what we see. We can offer nutritional counseling appropriate for the life stage of your pet, illness-related diets, weight loss, and allergy-related food concerns.

For most pets, our recommendations include information on proper serving size and other feeding strategies to maintain optimal body weight and nutritional health. We also help you understand the claims made by pet food producers so you can make the most informed choice.

Some pets have more serious nutritional challenges or chronic conditions that can benefit from a special diet. Pets with liver disease, intestinal problems, bladder and kidney stones, renal failure, food allergies, and diabetes can lead healthier lives on these foods. At Park Hills Animal Hospital and Wellness Center, we carry a diverse inventory of prescription foods. If your pet requires a prescription diet that we do not carry, we may be able to order it for you.

Behavioral Counseling

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Behavior problems are the number one reason that owners give up a pet. Park Hills Animal Hospital and Wellness Center offers behavior counseling for many of your pet's problems including inappropriate urination or defecation, aggression, separation anxiety, inappropriate chewing and barking, and introduction of new pets into the household.

Our veterinarians will work closely with you to understand the source of these behavior issues and develop a specific plan to help eliminate your pet's unwanted behavior.

Often a behavior problem, such as inappropriate voiding, can be linked to a medical issue (such as cystitis, bladder stones, or kidney disease) and can be treated medically. For other behavior issues, the treatment plan often includes behavior modification and may include medication-assisted training. If our veterinarians and technical staff members cannot help with your pet's behavior problem, we can refer you to a board-certified animal behavior specialist.

Park Hills Veterinary Pharmacy

Park Hills Animal Hospital and Wellness Center is proud to offer the latest veterinary products and medications for your pet. Our prices are competitive with those listed at online pet pharmacies. More importantly, when you purchase products from us, you're also purchasing peace of mind that the products are safe and recommended by our veterinarians.

Pet Boarding and Grooming in Deer Park NY

If you are looking for boarding or grooming TLC services, we recommend Sachem Pet Hotel and Day Spa. Please call (631) 467-2121 to schedule an appointment.


When needed, we offer various specialist referrals including advanced surgery, oncology, internal medicine, dermatology, neurology, and ophthalmology.